Need Neck Pain Treatment That Works?

  • Thu 11th Jul 2019 - 11:02am
    Treatments for knee arthritis are termed quality of life treatments. Arthritis is not fatal and surgery Joint N-11 Review is a quality of life decision so nonoperative treatments should be tried first and foremost. One such treatment is activity avoidance which essentially means if it hurts don't do it. This may include tennis running golf etc. To some people this may be acceptable. One of the most frequent questions I hear is "When do I use heat and when do I use ice?" for injuries. It's a good question. And the tendency is to give a black and white answer which I have found over the years is not always the correct answer. However generally speaking you use ice for an acute (recent) injury and heat for a chronic injury or pain. Having said that let's look at the reasons so that you'll never need to ask the question again and you'll always know what to do. Use ice for acute injuries. You always use ice for an acute injury. But what is acute? Acute means that there is a very active inflammatory process occurring in the area of the injury. Imagine having twisted your ankle. The ankle has started to swell up get red and hot and really hurt. Ice at this stage is an excellent way to control the inflammation and pain. Ice will reduce the amount of swelling and directly reduces the heat. Elevating your ankle (above your heart) will also help reduce the swelling by making it easier for lymph and blood to flow back to the heart.

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