Discover Why Sit Ups Will Never Get You a Six Pack and Find Out Why You Are Being Lied To

  • Thu 11th Jul 2019 - 11:36am
    Most people at some point in their life thinkUnlock Your Glutesit would be great to have a six pack. I know I thought about it and you probably have too.You set out on a fitness program, do a lot of running, hundreds of sit ups/crunches each day but you can never get that elusive six pack. It's hard to put in all that work and get little or no results. It's not just hard, it's frustrating as hell.If you learn one thing today let it be that sit ups will not get you a six pack! Focusing exercises just on your stomach will not get you a six pack. Never, no way, no how. Doing situps may give you a little more tone around your midsection, and it will build and even strengthen your abs but that's all. You will never see those abs as long as that stubborn piece of belly fat keeps them covered.All those gimmicks you see on TV will not reveal your abs. Ab belts, ab machines/crunchers etc are all a complete waste of time, as you probably already know because of the poor results you have.The people on TV are all models or fitness experts who train everyday and have a good diet. They want to make money selling you these gimmicks, that is all.Diet is the real key to getting a six pack. Combine diet with the correct exercises and you will be getting ripped abs in no time. Follow a program or system that combines exercise and the correct diet and you will get your six pack.

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