Optimizing Your Video for SEO

  • Fri 19th Jul 2019 - 7:39am
    If you've spent some time researching howMotioney to market your business online, you've probably heard about video marketing. And maybe you've even gotten so far as to create one or two videos and uploaded them to YouTube. But creating and uploading a video are only a small part of video marketing. Before you even upload that video, you need to be thinking about how to best optimize your video so that it will be seen by more people.Here's some quick tips to keep in mind to make your video more visible on YouTube.Of course, the number one tip I can give you is to create a quality video, one that is interesting, informational, and will catch people's attention. If your video is all promotion, isn't well put together, doesn't engage people, it won't matter how much you optimize. You're just not going to get good results. Before you start filling in your title, description, tags, etc. - you need to do some keyword research to find keywords that people are searching for on YouTube. I recommend you use the YouTube keyword analyzer found at YouTube, because when you use keyword research tools like WordTracker or Market Samurai, you're not going to get accurate information that's relevant to YouTube searches. Once you've done your research, take the keywords you find and include them in the title, description and tags for your video, which will help increase the visibility (views) of your video.If you don't know where to start your keyword research, here's another tip. Search for videos related to the topic of your video and see what tags are used in the top videos that come up. This will give you some good keywords and keyword phrases to get you started.
  • Tue 23rd Jul 2019 - 11:51am
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  • Wed 24th Jul 2019 - 8:13am
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